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   (Self-change in the background) Thousands of years ago in India, the monks in pursuit of the highest state to enterHeaven, often secluded home primeval forest meditation. Long after the simple life,the monks from the observation of biological understanding the many laws of nature,from the biological rules of survival, verify that the body of the people gradually tosense subtle changes in the internal body, so human to understand and own gooddialogue, to explore their own body, health maintenance and conditioning, as well asthe pain of the disease healing instinct. Thousands of years of study summarizeddown, and gradually evolved into a complete theory, the exact and practical cultivationfitness system is yoga. Details ......    
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· Wake up the body with yoga8
· Wake up the body with yoga7
· Wake up the body with yoga6
· Wake up the body with yoga5
· Wake up the body with yoga4
· Wake up the body with yoga3
· Wake up the body with yoga2
· Wake up the body with yoga1
· Taurus people are quite patient7
· Taurus people are quite patient6
· Taurus people are quite patient5
· Taurus people are quite patient4
· Taurus people are quite patient3
· Taurus people are quite patient2
· Taurus people are quite patient1
· Taurus people are quite patient, to
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